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J-Hova's Journal

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  2001.11.13  14.53
How dare you insult me?

This is a direct quote from the last entry of the girl who dissed the J-Hova journal on my last post. This is her most recent post. I didn't even have to dig for this. Man, I love geniuses...

Ladies and gentleman, the eighth wonder of the world. You could have been anywhere in the world tonight, but you're here with me and "Moless2001" - we appreciate that.

I'll let Leslie speak now. Enjoy. Don't laugh milk through your nose.

"I hate feminist. They make me sick. They are sooo fucking annoying. And pathetic. Pitiful. I think of them as like bull dikes. Butch bitches who were never able to get a man, and want to control someone. I dont need to be in control. I was in control with Cynthia. It was easy. I was more of the man though. But I dont like that. I like to be the one to take the orders. Don't get me wrong. I want to please my man, but he has to please me too. Be sweet. Caring. Provide for me financially, and emotionally.
I think women should take orders. I am sorry, but I do think the woman is kind of second class to men. Ok. I think women are just as smart, and maybe more important then men. But I think that it's the mans role to be the chief. I love men. I do. I think they are kings, if they act right. Not every man is a king. But some are worthy enough of that status. Like Willy. And I am a queen, but look at the alphabet, king comes before queen."


  2001.11.04  11.23

Hov' is back.


  2001.10.25  12.05
Talk mo' bucks

Hov' is back, life stories told through rap
Niggaz actin like I sold you crack
Like I told you sell drugs; no, Hov' did that
so hopefully you won't have to go through that


  2001.10.24  13.16
Hard Knock's Life

When I open "The Blueprint" dropping rhymes about "runnin' this rap shit," it's not so much arrogant as it is a matter of fact. And by the time I brutally dismiss two of my most formidable opponents, Mobb Deep and Nas, less than ten minutes into the album, there's little doubt that my status as the top MC in the game is justified.


  2001.10.23  19.21

If y'all got love for me, I got love for y'all.


  2001.10.23  14.52
Big Pimpin'

You listeners get exactly whatcha want: Jay-Z and nothing but Jay-Z, over beats so loaded with marvelously flipped samples the songs don't even need big vocal hooks. Besides, when you're already the top MC in the game, there's no need for crossover attempts.


  2001.10.22  16.12
Like I Told You:

Not guilty, people gotta feel me.


  2001.10.21  10.03
The Blueprint

I wanna thank you all very much for coming out tonight. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you're here with me...I appreciate that.


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